TBR MASSACRE: 8.4 thru 8.10

BOOK WALL START: 2149 BOOK WALL GOAL:  2140  Thursday, August 4 Book Read! Haikyu! 8 by Haruichi Furudate I'm starting to think that vol 6 was just a fluke, or I was just reading it in a bad state of mind or something, because this was absolutely fantastic. I loved this book. I love that we got some of Yamaguchi in there and I'm excited to see them grow, Sugawara has my whole heart... so sad that I don't have vol 9 or have a way to get vol 9 in the near future. I'm gonna suffer. 2148 Book Read! The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper This book stressed me out, man, but by the end I was grinning hard it was so cute. I thought the main character was interesting, definitely flawed, definitely had some relatable aspects--I think this book was really hyped before it came out but then I never heard anything about it afterward, which is a shame.  2147   Friday, August 5 Book Read! High School Debut 1 by Kazune Kawahara So, due to my feeling that, I don't need to read manga in o

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TBR MASSACRE: 7.28 thru 8.3

  BOOK WALL START: 2156 BOOK WALL GOAL: 2138 Thursday, July 28 Book Read! A Light in the Mist by Erin Hunter And look at that, another warrior cat arc down. I think this one does have some interesting implications for the next arc, though you can also completely tell that these guys are running out of shit to write about and they kind of wrote themselves in a corner with all of the supernatural stuff. I feel like we need another good physical villain that is not dead already. Kinda like a Darktail situation, I guess? Bring in someone strong and ambitious. Give me a real Tigerstar 2.0 2155 Friday, July 29 Book Read! Right or Wrong by Aurora Dimitre Yes, this is my own book. Buy + read this if you want to read about a kid who becomes friends with a douchey kid and then the douchey kid bullies a kid to suicide and our first kid is like, pretty conflicted about the whole deal.  2154     Saturday, July 30  Book Read! Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare This is not my first time

TBR MASSACRE: 7.21-7.27

  BOOK WALL START:   2158 WEEKLY GOAL: 2148 Thursday, July 21 Book Read! 1 Year, 100 Pounds by Whitney Holcombe.  Do I think that what she is saying is factually true? A lot of the time, yes. She is right that if you want to lose weight, the only foolproof way is to eat less, move more. Do I also think that she really needs to like, calm down about... butter and stuff? Yeah. Butter on your toast in the morning is not going to make you 230lb again Whitney, I promise.  2157 Book Read! Haikyu!! 6 by Haruichi Furudate This is currently my favorite 'catch-up-and-read-them-all' series, but I'm gonna say this is my least favorite volume so far. That just means it's a 4-star instead of a 5-star, though. 2156   Friday, July 22   Book Received. Entries from a Hot Pink Notebook by Todd D Brown Gotta love some classic gay 90s teen fiction. The tagline on the back says, "What if Holden Caulfield were coming of age--and coming out--in the Reagan years?" so I'm sure tha

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let's talk about killing my tbr

 I have always had a large TBR pile; affectionately called the "book wall" for several years, it now more resembles a "book landfill." My fiancĂ© trips over parts of it as he walks into my office. I have a second, smaller "book wall" (this one does actually resemble a wall) for the books I've received in 2022.  Since February, Steven (aforementioned fiancĂ©) and I have had a "bet." He can't buy pop, I can't buy books. This is less of a bet and more of a way (that finally! fucking finally! works!) to stop me from buying more books, because every time there's a good pop sale I go "pass for a pass" which means he can utilize the sale and I can buy two books. There are a few exceptions. When I put out a book, I can of course get myself a copy. That's similar to Steven, if he decided to get crafty, being able to create his own soda-pop, I guess. If I need a book for work, I can buy it. I'm a high school English teacher

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